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However, the degree of these changes remains weak or moderate even in the most severe patients. These features of Imitrex pills in Friedreich's disease make it possible to use it for differential diagnosis with other, primarily cerebellar, forms of hereditary ataxia. The electroneuromyographic pattern characteristic of this disease consists in the absence or a significant decrease in the amplitude of the action potentials of the sensory nerves of Sumatriptan online, with a relatively small decrease in the speed of impulse conduction along the motor nerves.

Even in the initial stage of Friedreich's disease, it is necessary to use electrocardiography and echocardiography, examine the blood glucose level with special glucose tolerance stress tests (to rule out diabetes mellitus), and also conduct an X-ray examination of the spine (characterization of bone deformities). Differential diagnosis.

metabolic diseases inherited in an autosomal recessive manner and often characterized by the development of spinocerebellar ataxia - Gm 1, and Gm 2 - gangliosidosis and galactosialidosis (study of the activity of β-galactosidase and hexosaminidase A), Krabbe disease (study of the enzyme galactosylceramidase), a late version of Niemann's disease - Peak (determination of the content of sphingomyelins in cerebrospinal fluid, examination of sternal punctate for the presence of “foamy” cells).

multiple sclerosis (differential diagnosis usually does not cause difficulties, since symptoms such as tendon areflexia, muscle hypotonia, amyotrophy, extraneural manifestations are not typical for multiple sclerosis, and also due to the absence of remissions and focal changes in the density of the brain substance in CT and MR tomography) Treatment of Friedreich's ataxia.

Prevention of Friedreich's ataxia. Of particular importance is DNA testing at an early presymptomatic stage in order to prescribe preventive therapy. First of all, the relatives of the patient are examined. Ataxia Fridreyha - a genetic pathology in which not only the nervous system is affected, but also the development of extraneural disorders. The disease is considered quite common - 2-7 people per 100 thousand of the population live with such a diagnosis.

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The disease is genetic, associated with mutations of chromosomes.

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Only a neurologist can make a correct diagnosis based on the results of instrumental examinations. Consultations of experts from different fields of medicine are necessary. It should be noted that the diagnosis can be performed already at the stage of imitrex development of the fetus. Treatment is predominantly conservative in nature: it consists in taking medication, dieting and regular exercise of therapeutic exercises. Surgery is necessary in cases of pronounced bone deformities that reduce the quality of life.

Clinicians identify several specific conditions for the development of pathology.

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Symptoms of the disease are specific - the first signs are considered to be impaired walking and loss of balance. The clinical picture includes speech impairment, cataracts, hearing loss and dementia. Hereditary Friedreich's ataxia occurs against the background of sumatriptan 25mg-50mg-100mg concentration or violation of the structure of a protein called frataxin, which is produced in the cytoplasm by the intracellular route.

The main function of the substance is the transfer of iron from mitochondria - the energy organelles of the cell.

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Against the background of specific processes, a large amount of iron accumulates - exceeding the norm by dozens of times, which provokes an increase in the number of aggressive oxidizing agents that damage vital cells. An auxiliary place in the mechanism of the development of the disease is occupied by a disorder of antioxidant homeostasis - the protection of human cells from harmful active oxygen forms.

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